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What is it with reward cards...now Verizon has one


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The only reward cards I have are for the grocery store, and for Cabelas. Other then that I see no point in them. 


The Grocery store gives me good deals during some specials they run, and Cabelas gives me points towards cool new toys. 

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Verizon's is pretty lame. You can use something like 500 points to get $5 off of a $20 gift card. You still have to pay $15.


With my Capital One credit card, I can buy an entire gift card with just the points.


I usually just apply my Verizon rewards against their sweepstakes in the faint hope of winning something worthwhile.

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The reality with any rewards program is that the company is simply trying to get you to use their service(s) more exclusively and more often. Whether you have their rewards program or not most of the time you are going to pay the same price. The only benefit is in actually applying the points to something. And the companies know that a large percentage if their customers won't. It's a very calculated program. They make up for the 'rewards' in te costs that everyone pays for the products/services. So again, they come out way ahead.

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