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Covid got another one

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I mentioned to a cousin, as we grieved together over our cousin's COVID death a few days ago, that this pandemic reminds me of my mother's 1942 high school yearbook.

Hand written alongside her classmates' pictures are things like, "Killed in Italy, Sept. 1943," "Killed at Guam, July, 1944," "Killed in Pacific, August, 1944," etc. etc.  She filled them in while literally working as a "Rosie the Riveter," building planes for the U.S. Military.

NOTHING brought home to me what WW2 was like to those waiting at home like looking through the yearbook's pages as seeing entry after entry after entry like those.

We're living in that situation now.  U.S. COVID deaths have actually surpassed the number of U.S. military deaths in WW2 by 20%.

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4 hours ago, Square Wheels said:

My wife's doing OK, I know she's in pain, that's causing me pain.  I only spent one day with him, a very likeable person.

I'm sorry to hear this, square. 

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