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Good Morning


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it will be hot and sticky today.  I have a full day. Riding this am after taking sandy to the groomer.  Then cross country practice after school. Possible cxfit workout?  Then cooking dinner and homework. 


I am getting ready to train for CX.  I'm in it to win it this year, but we will see.  I am racing my commuter bike.  HAHA

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A little thunder & lightning :nod head:  rain...and the first day of the state fair!!


Hey who turned out the lights???  It is dark now when my alarm goes off. :unhappy:


My ride is in pitch darkness for part of it now.  I am running 1200 lumens between a light on my helmet and my bars. 

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See? I am behind the times.  I thought you had a Bianchi Cx bike that you commuted on?


That was so 2007. 


I like this one.  It has disc brakes, bigger tire clearance, and is full of reflector stickers on the frame.  Love my seek. Aluminum frame too.  


Neither of us have the Volpes anymore.  Kev broke his.

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I think I slept the sleep of the dead last night. Didn't wake up a single time.

Have the AC contractors here right now installing the new unit.  They should be done in a couple hours.  

Yesterday, my cadence sensor arrived in the mail.  Today, I'm expecting the Sigma USB docking station to be delivered by UPS. Then it will be time to start getting a bit more serious with the "training".


I guess sometime today I need to talk to my boss about the last week of Sept. and working from home everyday that week so I can be home to help the wife after the surgery.

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