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Real Close to Vacation


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I leave Saturday morning to fly out to Washington State to visit my folks


My knee isn't 100%, but I hope that I can ride a lot when I get out there. The coastal plain is flat and I can control how much stress my knee has to take with my gears, so I hope I'll be alright. I've stayed off the bike most of this month and done other types of exercises to help stabilize my knee, but who knows?


But I'm getting the list of things to do before I leave worked down now. I got a haircut and printed out my tickets and got all the paperwork in for work


all I have left is to go to the store and pick up a couple things and pack

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one of the nice things is that I get to go and ride new roads with different crops in the fields and the mountains and all. On a clear day, its really impressive and very different from here


I also get to ride at a time of day that fits my body rather than when it fits my schedule

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