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What is the last good deed somebody did for you?


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Day before yesterday, sitting in the office, crunching numbers on a deal that I just cannot get to work right, and my cell phone rings.  My oldest son is on the other end and he tells me he has a surprise for me but I have to wait until I get home.


So I finish up the work day, head to the gym then head to the house.  As I pull into the driveway I can see that the back yard has been mowed.  Not only mowed, but weed eated and the patio swept.  It was done very nicely.


Turns out Wade could tell I have been busy and he wanted to take some of that from me, so he figured out how to start the mower and weed eater and mow the yard.  


After dinner, he wanted me to critique his work and give him pointers!  This is not like him, he normally does not take criticism from me well.


Yesterday, repeat performance but he has mowed the front and side yards this time and again, done a very good job for a first time mower.  After dinner, we walk the yard, I give him some pointers and he goes and gets the mower and does a bit of clean up work to correct areas he missed.


It was a great surprise and I loved being able to look him in the eye, shake his hand and tell him "Good Job and I am proud of you" 


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