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about the person who posted above you.


Please say something honest.


Derogatory posts will be deleted.


Since I am the fist, I will pretend there is a person above me.




I find DH's positive attitude in the face in health issues inspiring.  While I do not understand her talk about mountain biking, she is clearly a strong rider and I find her posts motivating.

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My 1st car was a 1966 Volvo like that one(same color too). My folks bought it new, and gave it to me 17 years later.


Saw one of these yesterday in mint condition. What was funny..he was stuck behind a Jeep...the jeep was going so slow he pissed off the guy in the Volvo. It was funny to see the nasty look the Volvo driver gave the guy in the Jeep when he passed him.

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