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Hey Scooter


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FLJim would like me to bring a mix six of NG beer...should I pick it up at one of my highway stops or should we visit your local  liquor store??  ie is the cost the same??


See you & MrsScooter on Thursday evening!!!

They sell NG variety 12 packs at the local liquor/quicky mart. I picked one up yesterday when I saw them. Thought you could take it on your trip and share. Do you think one 12 pack is enough? Prices are the same everywhere.

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Well.....I think so...but then I am not a beer drinker...WE will  be doing a BBQ with Aire and several folks...hmmmmm..maybe I should bring a second...I will think about it!!!  Oh and I will be at LongJohns one night...he might want to try a couple???

I would say yes - longjohn appreciates good beer. :)

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