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August 23rd


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24.4 miles @ 8.4 mph, 2014 of elevation gain, on the Stumpy.  2 hours and 52 minutes of pedal time.  Very technical terrain through most of it.   I rode great and pulled the front for almost the entire ride,


2 QOMs (shaved a bit of time off those segments) and for some reason it didn't pick up my riding through some segments and I know I went through them.  Strava glitch or something.  We did a lot of laughing.  We were finishing up and were riding semi slowly on a trail that is heavily used by families.  I was riding the opposite way and some little kid saw me and just stopped and started yelling.   "AHHHHHH!"  I was going super slow and just went around him.  His Mom started to laugh and the guy that was riding with us said to the kid "It's ok, most people yell like that when they see her."  It was so funny we laughed for a while after that.  


We had lunch after the ride and I ate a chicken burger the size of my head with fries.  I am very tired.  We rode like mad animals.  

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