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Dew Point and Temp are the same right now!


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Yuck...both are in the mid- 70's....has been for a couple of days now...the only thing that has saved us is it has been overcast...BUT look out...they are calling for sun today!!  YUCK...this should leave Tuesday or Wednesday....Usually we don't hit 90's after mid September...I am ready for less humidity!

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Oh great by 3 PM our heat index is gonna be 98 degrees....


There is such a difference between dry heat all the humidity...yuck...If I had to select a heat...I would take dry.. :nod head:   Although I gotta say my skin was pretty nice when I lived in Florida.


I am showing my age from living in a desert.  Florida and Hawaii has such a nice humidity.  Maybe, it was just a novelty for me, but I loved my skin and hair in those two places.  Lungs felt nice too for the moist air.  <shrug>


We all want what we don't have, I guess.  The grass is truly green there.

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