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I encountered a clubby "balls ride" on Saturday evening


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I was headed to the bar from work on a sidewalk posted at 4.5 mph.   As I approached an intersection I noticed a large group of riders headed toward me (a few hundred feet away, on the sidewalk I was on); they were riding a slight downgrade and moving at a balls out pace.  Two of the riders moved over into my lane and held their hands up as if they were commandeering the lane - I stopped for them as the whole group, maybe 20 of them, made the left turn in front of me. 


I'm not sure I've seen this before.  Is this common practice?  I happened to be an understanding fellow rider, but Joe Walker probably would have given them an earful (at best).


I think each and every one of the riders waved, which was nice, but I still can't say I endorse this practice.  There was one guy behind me, and I was concerned about him hitting me since there's almost no reason you'd ever have to stop here.  The riders wouldn't have had to stop if they'd just let us walk through.



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