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Wattage question, or "Where is epg when you need him"?


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I posted a "scientific" comparison of two identical rides to my sisters.  I was amazingly faster with the new wheels.  It was a 50+ miles ride, so that should have neutralized a lot of variables, but it also left many other variables.  Unless the wheels are tested by an electric motor isolated in a wind tunnel, or some other method that removes all variables, there isn't a way to honestly compare them.  Theoretically at high speed I should be faster.  I feel faster, but it's probably in my head.  I like they way they look, that is real.


At the end of the day, it only matters to me.  I don't race for myself, or for a team, I ride for fun, exercise and to challenge myself.

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At the end of the day, it only matters to me. 


Wrong.  We are all invested in this, for we are all considering different wheelsets.  


Btw, two identical rides?  Two?  TWO?   You can do better than that.


Where is the letter to your sisters?

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