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I can't imagine surgery before anesthetics

Road Runner

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The surgeon didn't get me completely shot up with lidocaine and I felt the full impact of a needle being being pushed through my flesh.  It hurt like hell, and that was just a needle.  During the War Between the States, they would cut off a damaged limb with a saw and cauterize it with no anesthetics.  The pain must have been unbelievable. 

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When I was in middle school, it was a common practice to "pop" your locker to open it.  This involved a hard, fast pull on the latch without entering the combination to pop the lock and locker open.


So, I was popping my locker and having a bit of trouble, so I decided to give it one last hard pop.  I have a tendency to stick my tongue out a bit when working hard.   This is not going to end well for me.  I yanked the latch up, the locker springs open and the door hits me in the chin, at which point I bite a hole through my tongue.


I head to the closest bathroom and begin to spit blood into the communal hand washing basin.  Lots of blood.  Blood that won't stop.  So I grab some paper towels and head to the office, where I tell the secretary, "Ay bid a ho n ma tund" through a mouthful of blood and paper towel.  I say it several times and she does not understand.  So I spit a huge amount of blood into her trash can and tell her "I bit a hole through my tongue".  


So, she calls my mom, who calls our Dr. and then leaves work to come get me.  A bit later I am in Dr. Roundtrees office with his nurse holding my tougne wiht forceps while he shoots it with Novocaine and then begins to sew it shut right in front of my eyes, literally.


He used enough where I could not really feel pain, but I could feel the suture material going through my tongue and pulling with each stitch.


Mom was not very happy with me for that one.  Had so much blood on my shirt that we threw it away.

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I'm so old that when I was little and had my tonsils removed, they used ether as the general anesthetic.  Of course, there were the usual promises beforehand of all the ice cream I could eat after the surgery.  But I was so sick from the ether that I never ate a drop.  I was too busy puking.   :(

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