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Today I added another feather


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Umm... I have fenders on my touring bike. Does that make me a chick magnet?  :dontknow:


I regret to say, no, it does not.  The fenders make the bike a chick magnet, not the cyclist.


A good example is a puppy.  A puppy is a chick magnet; the guy at the other end of the leash is not.


And before you ask, attaching the fenders to yourself instead of your bike will not make you (instead of the bike) a chick magnet.  Don't ask me how I know this.

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I used to have a bunch. They are probably still in a closet. I can send some to you if you want.


Naw....I'm not an engineer. I'd be a poser if I were to use them.


However I took just enough strength of material classes and such to get my butt in trouble. Kinda like having taken a number of twelve step programs, and starting my own little group therapy thing.

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