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MadCity would be proud of me


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I may have a repair job for you:


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That makes me think of the time my `86 Ford Escort EXP got T-boned by a deer. 





Seriously.  A 200lb buck ran into the side of my car while I was going 55mph down a 2-lane state highway; I had about three seconds to swerve towards the shoulder and slam on my brakes (none of which did any good).  Being a short car, the buck left damage from the front drivers' side to the back (solid dents in both quarter panels, shredded power mirror, antler scratches on the window, deer hair in the door lock, shredded tail light), and we still never found him.  In that three seconds, I saw a 6-8 point rack and his size, and that he was going to hit.  The county sheriff was pretty impressed by the damage, though it wasn't anywhere near yours.

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