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August 31 Miles and Activities


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41.9 @ 10.7 on a rails trail. No pave, all rock/sand/pasture grass.  Did the trail on the fat bike with a trunk bag.  Fat bike has 4" tires at the moment.  Some of the trail was way overgrown.  It must never see people.  We were riding through huge bush weeds and some of them got tangled up in my cassette and pulleys.


Just shy of 4 hours of pedal time.  Oof!


This was an adventure.  We stopped at the store in Sprague River store. That town is so Deliverance.  The kind of people you find are ranchers, pot growers and anti establishment type people.  A bunch of wackos were sitting in front of the store, and there wasn't a full set of teeth between all of them. I was calorie deprived and we stopped for a pepsi and a snickers.  I was needing some fast sugars to finish out the last 7 miles.  Everyone that saw us wanted to make comments about the fat bikes.  I just wanted to get the hell out of there.  We slammed the pepsi and I ate up my candy bar and we split.  


Even though the route was very flat, your arms take a beating on the rock surface and the sand.  There were some nasty holes in the ground that you didn't see until your tire went in them.  One hole was easy to spot and it looked like a damned sinkhole.  I didn't stay in that area to check it out. We just rode over it and kept the pace swift.


Animals spotted:  sand hill cranes, hawks, cottontail rabbits, ducks, pelicans, quail, and a million dollars or so worth of cows, 


My body feels like it is made of lead today.  


One thing for sure.  Those bikes were made for the surfaces that we rode.  Perfect tire pressure to ease the bumps was 10-12 psi.  We/re talking about a fat tour, but we may have met the season slip away too fast.  September is booked solid already.

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