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First singles after 24 consecutive double yolks!

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I finished the two one-dozen crates of regular, jumbo eggs where every one was a double yolk but the yolks were so fragile I only once fried two eggs with all-intact yolks - so these double-yolks weren't much fun. Here are my first single yolks in the last 26 eggs I've cooked plus a typical result of frying the double yolks:

1408146903_SingleYolksfristafter24doubles20210501_125602_clar_lt_900p.thumb.jpg.5862284854b66e848085f5eaa99787e6.jpg 20210411_074220_900p.thumb.jpg.264677dffc00271d72c14a4d5bfe7a1b.jpg

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33 minutes ago, donkpow said:

I don't believe I have ever seen a "double yolk" egg.


I just tried out new egg rings for breakfast sandwiches to use up a dozen eggs from the chickens across the street. Egg rings were disappointing. 

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