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One of my biggest pet peeves - pithy quotes without context, or "metadata"


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I read a lot of nonfiction books, and many of them are peppered with pithy quotes, but all too often, I think: "That is very interesting.  I'd love to know more - who the quotee was, the context they said it in, yada, yada, yada."  So if'n I want to know, I have to dig out my Google.  Sure, no big deal, but it interrupts the flow of the reading.


Maybe it is like having to have a joke explained, but still, it is annoying. :)  Maybe I just need to break down and get a smart phone to join the 21st century.  Hell, even petite has by now!  :D

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I'm increasingly annoyed when I read quotes which are not verified or of dubious accuracy. If the author did not take the time to check if the famous person made the statement in quotes, how much more in the book or article is inaccurate?

Love the one aboot Abraham Lincoln being annoyed with all the untrue stuff on the Internet. :D

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