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Running with Dogs


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But difficult when you try?


Yea.  She didn't really seem to get the idea that we were out there to go fast.  Our goal is to get me less fat, get me in better cardio shape for run ups during cross season, and to wear her hyper ass out.


Her idea of what we were doing out there seemed to be more like "Oooo look, a flower.  Oh there's a horse.  Ooooh, another dog barking.  Wait, that's a different smell...SQUIRREL !!!!!"


Granted, this was her first time.  So we will keep trying.

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My first time out with my dog she didn't get the picture.  A week later she was great.  I had to run with her on a leash because she would run away.  The first time out she kept running in front of me and trying to get me tangled in her leash.  She was getting to be a good running partner when my wife gave her away. :scratch head:

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