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Labor Day Paddle


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Went out with the wife for a little Labor Day paddle on the south end of Lake Washington. Just where this park comes out, to the left of where it enters Lake Washington is a small airport that does small airplanes and water planes, and to the right is Boeing Field.

We finally bought a waterproof camera so we can take some pics while out on the kayaks. :) We got a Fujifilm xp70, relatively low end point and shoot waterproof camera.

Full album (with a few videos too): https://www.flickr.com/photos/kingtermite/sets/72157647136613515/

Heading out from the little river type offshoot from the lake. The lake opens up right under this little structure.

Very near a little air port (for sea planes and smaller type planes) that is part of Boeing Field (where the president flies into when he visits the area).

The Wife

The KingTermite

Rafting Up

Mercer Island up and to the left

A plane at Boeing Field

Nice little walk that is part of Coulon Park

Testing out the waterproof camera (Fujifilm xp70)

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Here's the layout of where we were. I labelled '1' for the airport for small/sea planes and '2' for Boeing Field. We put in at the little "river" (Cedar River) about where I marked the 'x' that comes out into the south end of Lake Washington. The island just north is Mercer Island.

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I like how the map has the Highways listed...the main drags listed...Mercer Island and so on. The map didn't bother naming or placing the two airports, but it didn't miss Fry's Electronics. Ha...too funny.


Looks like you and Mrs.KT had a great day. Thats one of the things I really love about the Pac N/West....the beautiful blue skys..and the water. So many diversions.

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