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Valley Forge

Thaddeus Kosciuszko

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I'm confused, doesn't look like much of a valley and I don't see any signs of a place to do metal work.


The encampment bordered both banks of the Schuykill (say Skoo-kul) River and Valley Creek, hence the "Valley" part.


Numerous industries arose along Valley Creek, including mills and at least one forge - hence the "Forge" part.  During the summer previous to the Continental Army's arrival the British raided the valley, captured (stole) supplies for their army, and burned the mills and forge.  During archeological excavations charred timbers were found.


One reason you don't see a forge: one was unearthed, studied, and photographed.  But exposure to the air and weather was causing rapid deterioration of the remaining wood structures, sluiceway, and water wheel.  The entire site was re-buried in an effort to better preserve it.

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If you are on the PA turnpike headed for Philly, you better take the Valley Forge exit. Otherwise, you're headed for the part of Philly where the streets are named after presidents and letters of the alphabet. Unless you're trying to buy crack, Roosevelt and D isn't where you want to be


There's a lot of cool stuff over there, though, in the Valley Forge park. If you come all that way, you might as well take the Schuykill (the freeway, not the river) into center city and go see the old town stuff like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and all that. Take the Kelly Street exit and go along the river if you really want to see some cool statues and old mansions and really get your money's worth


And by the way, this is the sort of stuff that happens when I leave the state for a few days...we get invaded by outsiders coming down to gawk at all the beautiful stuff here in PA

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