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Unusually hungry


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8:30 am: I had a Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl kicked-up-a-notch with salsa for breakfast.

12 noon: I had a scrambled egg sandwich with one slice of American cheese and one slice of Canadian Bacon for lunch.

4 pm- 4:40 pm: I've been really hungry. I have no idea why. I usually don't get hungry until about 6 pm or later on days like today when I don't get much exercise. My blood glucose is fine.

I'm going to wait until at least 5 pm and cut 6 oz. of Santa Maria roast beef off the 2 lb's I have left, cut it into bite-sized chunks, season it with salsa then nuke it along with baby potatoes and green beans.

Thinking about that makes me hungrier. 


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1 hour ago, Razors Edge said:

Sometimes a drink hits the spot instead of a full meal.  This one is both a meal (or "snack" = funnel cake) and a drink, so it gets bonus points for awesome!


I made it to 5:30.  I overdid the nuked potatoes but it was an excellent meal of seasoned roast beef with salsa and potatoes & green beans with salt/pepper/butter.

I do not snack during the day until after dinner and have been trying to do a filling dinner, usually between 6 and 7pm, to keep me from wanting to snack in the evening.  I've been losing a couple pounds a month and hope the trend picks up a little.

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I haven’t eaten since Sunday after church. It was the first time I went in person. I always watch the service livestream. Everyone was wanting to shake my hand. This is the 21st century, nobody shakes hands. If I go again I won’t be shaking hands. Someone had cooties and I have been miserable all week. This morning I’m starting to feel somewhat alright.

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16 hours ago, MickinMD said:

I've been losing a couple pounds a month and hope the trend picks up a little.

A couple pounds a month is VERY GOOD.  Sure, it seems like not much when you are up 40 or 50 pounds, but in a couple or three years of that gradual but healthy reduction, and it really adds up to a huge loss.  Keep it a reasonable goal - 2 or at most 3 lbs a month - and you'll be way better this time next year, and way way better the following year. 

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