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Does Allen Play The Lottery?

Razors Edge

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I know @Allen loves his fireflies, so I wonder if he is entering the lottery?

In 2021, park officials expect the prime firefly-viewing window to last from Tuesday, June 1, through Tuesday, June 8. 

Members of the public can enter the lottery for one of the coveted vehicle passes for this year's Elkmont firefly-viewing event by going to Recreation.gov.

Entering the lottery only costs $1, but the application period is as ephemeral as a firefly's flicker: The lottery opened on Friday, April 30, and closes Monday, May 3, at midnight. 

What's more, only 100 vehicle passes per night (800 total) will be awarded through the lottery, which will be carried out by random computer drawing. 

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I’m going to try next year. This year I’m staking out a location looking for Loopy 5 lighting bugs. Seeing the Elkmont population is a goal though. I also want to see Blue Ghosts. They...are blue, but they keep their light on for 1-3 mins. 

The species in Elkmont it p. carolinus. They have a different flash pattern than the p. frontalis that live at Springwood (the two species of synchronized lighting bug east of the Mississippi, there is one west). 
P. carolinus build up to being in synch, and then all stop at once.  Repeat chorus. 
p. frontalis never stop. Groups will flash together, going in and out of synch with other nearby groups. 

Cool lighting bug article about their different displays: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/illuminating-secret-language-lightning-bugs-180963900/

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1 minute ago, Razors Edge said:

Cool beans.  I think we all love lightning bugs, but most of us don't have the density of them you have.  Hope you get to see lots and lots this year and next!

Thank you, sir. I do have unusually dense populations of a few species. 


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