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My PT is pushing strength training..


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18 hours ago, petitepedal said:

Not quite like I do with my trainer :whistle: We are talking 2 and 3 pounders..but he feels that bulding back some strength will help what is left of the  rotation that I need to get back.

After each of my shoulders was operated on, a major goal of PT was to strengthen the muscles around the damaged muscles/tendons so they could take up more of the force on the shoulder and give the damaged muscles an easier time of healing.

That included light weight work with light dumbbells and elastic bands.  I also had to do various stretching stuff and various shakes of a body blade like the rotator cuff rehab example below. After about a 30 min. workout, I laid down on a table and they massaged the shoulder, applied a cortisone cream my surgeon gave me a script for - but insurance didn't cover the $80 for it - while running a vibrating device over my skin.


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