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Did Betsy Russell have the life you expected?


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Just now, Airehead said:

She never seemed to quite make it. 

Agreed. Too much success early. 

Like the time Mrs. Coffman made me hall monitor in sixth grade. Very difficult to sustain success.  

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I often wonder what happened to actors/actresses who seemed to have it all then declined or disappeared.

I know some were set for life and decided to leave the acting profession, but I'll bet a lot of them were pains-in-the-butt to work with.  I haven't heard anything bad about Betsy Russell, but I always wonder about why she didn't take off.  The same with April Bowlby, who played Candi on Two and Half Men.  She had/has a role in a cable channel show, but I thought she'd be making movies left-and-right like some of the other hotties like Mila Kunis and Anna Faris.

In an episode of "Mom,"  Anna Faris's character, Christy, said of a character played by curvy April Bowlby, "She made me feel like I was a boy."

But it's Faris, not Bowlby, who gets the big parts.  Of course, the fact they didn't bring her back for the Mom series finale and didn't even mention her character's name, makes me wonder if she's made a lot of people furious over the way she quit the show one week before filming was to begin for what became the last season. Clearly, the show wasn't going anywhere without her, though. They should have invented a long-lost daughter of Bonnie's to take her place and cast someone that could pass for close-to Christy's age with talent and a big name to do it like Christina Applegate (Kelly Bundy on Married With Children, 4 years older than Faris) or maybe Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe on Friends, 9 years older than Faris).

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