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You people are keeping me from defragging our fridge to fit in the froot and veggies from this...


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morning's froot and veggie run.

Highlights:  Looks like cara cara orange season is over, or at least they didn't get any shipments, so had to go to Mineolas and naval oranges.

Peppers were good, the packages of green ones have some nice suntan ones and so do the long hots.

Apples are stable, cameo and pink ladies.  But the pink ladies blemish easily. :(

Got a nice daikon. :)

Managed to stifle myself somewhat, to $45 worth including the bigass $7 hoagie, so it is just a little too much to fit in the fridge instead of my usual grossly too much. :D  Winter garage storage season is over, much like winter air needs to be changed oot. :(



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14 minutes ago, AirwickWithCheese said:

Going well I trust? Maybe if you had a deep freezer on the porch defragging would ve unnecessary?   :dontknow:

Went great - it all fit!  Wahoo! :happyanim:

I was going to mention that my paternal grandma had an awesome back porch. :)  No freezer, but an extra bathroom with Smithsonian (or maybe Washingtonian) mags and a nice breakfast table and lots o' houseplants.  :) No freezer though,  And her front porch was even awesomer with a two-three seat dark green porch swing and nice trees and shrubs and a residential street oot front.  It was nice. :)


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I'm getting ready to clean the fridge today.  I bought a 5-lb bag of tiny potatoes and can't fit them in the fridge, not that there's any rush - but I'm not using heat or air conditioning these beautiful May days and sometimes the apartment gets a little warm if I forget to open the windows.

I can't find baby potatoes for a decent price anywhere anymore -  no peeling, very thin (and nutritious) skin, keep texture while nuking, etc.  I loved the 3 lb bag of "honey gold" baby potatoes they used to carry in Walmart, Aldi, etc. or even the 10 lb cheap bag of yellow baby potatoes at Costco. But they've all disappeared.

I have not liked the texture or the skin of the larger gold potatoes I bought so I decided to try these Little Potato Company "Dynamic Duo" (red and yellow potatoes), some of which are half the size of a golf ball, others baby-potato size.  They were 5 lb for about $6.95: online stock pic of loose potatoes that look better than what's in the bag I got:

1607448582_DynamicDuo(RedandYellow)Potatoes-somehalf-sizeofgolfball.jpg.6c0541f4b9a88a0ab881639d4db0c476.jpg 20210516_120632_900p.jpg.449b91d7a1e329d573ecea481ed519a8.jpg

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