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Ya know, robins are feisty little birds


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I watched at least 3 pairs of robins square off and go at it today, one bout had feathers flying  

I think it might be breeding season

There was a pair of grackles going at it, loving not fighting, in the back yard, I gave them some space walking through the yard, cause, hay, everybody needs a little joy 

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Before my house fire, I had two pairs of robins nesting in the nooks and crannies of my house, one near the back door and one near the front door.

When people would approach either door and the robins were raising young, the robins would dive at them to try to scare them away, but they left me alone.  When a fledgling would fail to fly and end up on my lawn, I'd try to keep an eye out to scare away neighborhood cats.

Last week, I noticed a robin going under my back porch: I wonder if there's a nest there!  There was a tall maple tree in the yard that had a nest last year, but I had it cut down.

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