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Does your town have a problem with street urchins?


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8 minutes ago, Kzoo said:

What’s a street urchin?

I had to look that up... https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/street-urchin

 child who is poor and does not have a home, living and sleeping on the streets of a city:
They are street urchins living alone in an abandoned car under an expressway.
 More examples
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1 minute ago, Zephyr said:

Street Urchins..., as in kids.  No.

Homeless with drug addiction and/or mental health issues.  Yes.  Too, too, too many

Greenville changed the legal definition to include many aspects of street life. It has worked well to eliminate problems but not hurt the true needy. 

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Mrs. TK heard through some of her friends that urchins in a nearby village were riding their bicycles down the streets, spread out so cars couldn't pass, and refused to get out of the lane when cars came along in the opposite direction forcing the cars to stop. 

You'd have thought when I moved out of that village about six years ago the property values would have soared, but from what we hear from people who live and work there it's gotten worse.


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