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I'm giving my 3-speed roadster to my niece.


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Her husband wants her to run with him, but he's way more conditioned than she.  She tried to run with him on Monday, but that's not going to work out.  He was a superstar hockey player when he lived in Michigan, but now that he's out here in the desert, he's turned into a mountain goat.  A fast mountain goat, at that, running up and down the foothills.


So, I'm giving her my roadster, and then she can ride alongside while he runs.  They're both very happy with the compromise.

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That is a really dope thing to do.


When I was training for the IM it was midwestern record heat.  I was doing my longest runs of 3 hours in July in 107-110 heat index.  I rigged up a rack with a cooler on my wife's bike.  She had cold gatorade and water on back and handed me gels and enduralytes when I needed them.  We have very fond memories of her riding next to me.

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