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Uh oh.


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Wow...  broken hip.   That had to hurt.    Looks like the guy will be OK.

The car must have gotten launched into the air??  I'm just trying to figure how a hip gets broken.  I could understand a broken foot/leg (not that like this would be better).  Aren't the cars only a few inches tall.



EPPING -- A man was sent to the hospital Tuesday night after he was struck by a small radio-controlled car traveling up to 140 mph on a track at New England Dragway.

Emergency crews responded to the dragway shortly before 8:30 p.m. after receiving a report of a man who was hit by the RC car he was operating.

Acting Fire Chief Joe Lombardo said the the car, about two feet long, was running down the track when the operator somehow lost control of it.

Lombardo said he didn’t know the extent of the man’s injuries.

“He was conscious, breathing, alert and joking with the attendants. I think he’s going to be OK,” he said.

The man was transported to Portsmouth Regional Hospital. His condition wasn’t known Tuesday night.



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This morning's news says it was the driver of the car that was struck.  If the speed was 140 it might have take his legs out from under him and he fell???

Those kinds of speeds indicate that this was not a rc drag race but rather a "speed run".  It is typical for the driver to be somewhere near the middle of such a run so that the car is accelerating toward him, passes him at the speed trap and then slows down going away.

We stand behind the starting line at the drags and our fast cars are approaching 70mph in 132 feet.


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