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Sometimes you make the wrong decisions with your pets


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I've slowly been working Parker into my routine of taking Edgar to his ballfield late at night. Late at night because of the hours I work and also because of his advanced age he faints if he gets too excited around other dogs. Sometimes it's a full-blown seizure. 

I saw a lady we've seen before walk up to the gate. I jumped up and asked if she wouldn't mind waiting just a minute while I placed Parker on her leash. She was very kind and said absolutely, no problem.

Parker has never given me cause for concern. She went up to the lady, grinning, then something? spooked her and she tried to bite her hand. I pulled back on the leash just enough to help. I couldn't see but the lady said she nipped her but didn't draw blood. This was a miracle in of itself. I mean, how?, that's close. 

I was rattled and shaking. I apologized profusely and the nice lady was very understanding. I loaded Parker up in the cabriolet, the water, and all the toys. The nice lady started to walk around the track. 

The dog parks and ballfields being closed for 10 months means a readjustment period for all of us. Edgar calms down with his chewable, Parker her squeaky bee, and I drink Mr. Pibb. 

I've had 4 since we got home. 

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1 minute ago, Airehead said:

And don’t worry, I make bad dog decisions more often than I wish. It happens. 

I'm rattled. Not sure what went wrong in Parker's mind and that upset Edgar. He can't get too excited. 

I agree about the judge of character but she was very kind at least in the beginning. I have a good guess but it's unfair to speculate without proof. 

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