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Poetic justice


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On the way back with the long drive home, got off the Interstate for lunch. Initially confused as GPS routed me in the wrong direction back to the Interstate, but was a large triangle with a US highway back. Upun rejoining the Interstate, was backed up an stopped, merging to single lane for work zone. I had a long merge zone entering from the highway and the is where the problem started. A BMW 7 series stopped to merge and I could see 1/2 mile ahead plenty of opportunity. I tried to go around like an earlier 18 wheeler did and he points his car towards the curb to block me. Wait behind him and he never takes the lane opening. At the point rather than my taking the opening, I decide to show him how my Mini will out maneuver his highway cruiser. Punch it and around him before he knows what happened. I merged in no problem at speed 1/4 mile down and he comes screaming down pausing slightly near me then proceeding forward a few car and merges in. 

Slow going through several miles of work zone, the opens up. Speed trap a few miles later. Guess who gets pulled over. YES! :happyanim:

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