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The Forum Monarchy

Road Runner
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39 minutes ago, Road Runner said:

Since it has been firmly established that Jsharr is King of the SW Forum, I wonder if Kzoo is his Prime Minister?   :unsure:  


10 minutes ago, AirwickWithCheese said:

No, Aire is my Queen.  

Can we have two queens?  Kzoo is sweet on Jsharr. Jsharr is sweet on Kzoo. 

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I'd be the Science Advisor to the King but with my luck I'd be like the Science Advisors to Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand who advised them to NOT fund Christopher Columbus's hairbrained scheme to reach the Orient by sailing East across the Atlantic. They were right, Columbus was wrong, but they get NO credit and Columbus is world famous!

Ever since Eratothenes of Alexandria accurately determined the circumference of the Earth at 25,000 miles (it is 24,860) around 230 BCE, scholars have known the true circumference.  Knowing that the sun was directly overhead a certain town directly south of Alexandria during noon of the longest day and measuring the angle from perpendicular of the sun in Alexandria at the same time, it was a matter of very simple geometry to deduce the circumference of the Earth knowing the distance between the two cities and that the Sun was clearly so far away it's rays were virtually parellel in both cities.  High schools across the world in different cities, knowing their latitude differences, repeat Eratothenes experiment today with great accuracy.

But misinterpretations of the length a "stadia" - the unit of length Eratosthenes used, which was longer in Egypt than in Greece, Rome, etc. led books to claim the Earth was 18,000 miles in circumference and that's what fooled Columbus.  He estimation the Orient was only a few thousand miles East of Spain instead of the approx. 10,000 it really is.

The Spanish Crown's science advisors told the monarchs there was no way Columbus would ever reach the Orient.

But Columbus and others who had been officials in the Canary Islands had seen things wash up on the shores that certainly didn't come from Africa or Europe. SOMETHING was out there to the East.

That, and the outside chance of finding people who could be converted to Christianity resulted in the Spanish Crown funding Columbus and the rest is history.

Can you imagine how the Spanish Science Advisors felt when Columbus returned with "Indians" and gold, etc. and they knew how wrong he was?

I feel the same way about so much backward thinking in today's world where know-it-alls who barely graduated high school and haven't read a scientific/medical book or even brochure or article for years want to tell ME about what they "think" of things like vaccines, the mercury in them (less than that in 2 cans of tuna fish), how brilliant Jenny McCarthy is, etc.?  Like Columbus's "Indians," they still point to that British doctor who linked mercury contamination to autism, even though he was proven to be a fraud years ago. 


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