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How are you celebrating the weekend after petitepedal's awesome birthday..


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I'm packing in case I have to move at the end of May to a State-Farm paid hotel for a month.

The apartment I'm in had already been rented out beginning in June and the apartment management is checking to see if the renter will take a different apartment.  If not, I'm going to move most of my stuff to my sister's, in boxes, then from there to my house in June.  The company handling the renting will move stuff for me but since I've had a furnished apartment and have a minimum of stuff to move - the bike, etc. is probably 1/4 of it -  I think I'm better off doing a little at a time myself.

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55 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

Did you remember? How did you celebrate?

In addition to the card and gift, I cooked dinner tonight (an easy one - Costco chicken...but fixed all the trimmings.) Even had a "free" bottle of white whine to go with it, gift from her childhood friend following her sister's death last month. On the way back home we swung through Gettysburg, and she wanted to see the movie, as had never seen it and strongly suggested by others we met at the Park. Renting it tonight...and is over 4 hours :o Will probably split it in two since rental is good for 48 hours after starting to watch. Took easy today after the tiring drive. I didn't even work on photos taken during the trip.

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