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Tagged deer


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I imagine they tag one or two from selected herds so they can study their range, diets, etc.

I know they do that in Maryland, but I haven't noticed tags or collars on any of the many white tails in the parks where I walk - they know they're safe in the no-hunting park and are used to Jake and me to the point where they briefly look up when we walk by then quickly return to grazing.



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15 hours ago, Allen said:

But I did try to get Cicero to chase it. He never noticed it and the deer wandered off. 

My dog is hit or miss on what she will chase.  A rabbit? Yep. A squirrel? No way.  A deer? Yes.  A raccoon? Yes.  Ducks? Yes.  Geese? Usually.  Cats? No chase, but definitely interest. 

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