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60% of Adults

Razors Edge

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3 hours ago, Razors Edge said:

...have been vaccinated (one shot at least).  Over 50% of the 12+ age group are similarly vaccinated.  Pretty damn impressive and really shows how times have changed in such a short period of time.

I hope those who have been hesitating to see if there would be massive numbers of side effects will now get the shot.

Pfizer has promised 2 billion doses at cost to poor countries and at a slight profit to semi-poor countries over the next two years.  Moderna promised 100,000,000 in the next year.  Others promised less but that means there will be a greater amount of worldwide herd protection.

Japan is having a massive COVID outbreak and many of the athletes scheduled to compete in the Olympics in 9 weeks come from countries with virtually no vaccinations.  Experts are worried that lots of variants will be brought to Tokyo and then taken back to the individual countries. I'm hoping it's postponed - 80% of Japanese are in favor of postponing it another year.

I have dozens of cousins and only three of them did not get or are not getting the COVID vaccine - one for a legitimate medical prohibition.

The other two, I can't fathom their thinking.

One recently told her aunt she thinks COVID is a hoax.  The aunt said to her something like "THINK!  Three otherwise healthy people in our family died of COVID and a fourth almost did!  How can you possible think it's a hoax?"  According the aunt, that at least started her to really think about it.

The other said she's waiting to see how the vaccines do and she's waiting for the Johnson & Johnson shot!  Unbelievable!  Maybe she thinks a single shot means half the risk - despite a greater risk of still getting COVID.  She has NO scientific or medical knowledge and knows damn well that my sister, a Johns Hopkins cancer and COVID research nurse who retired in September, is urging two shots of Pfizer or Moderna, the two mRNA vaccines because of their higher effectiveness - including stopping the India, S.Africa, S.America, and UK variants - and fewer side effects.

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