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I think my not wild sister and Allen could be friends


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i saw my not wild sister today and at one point she mentioned that she'd recently read that the Smoky Mountains had wonderful firefly displays.   She mentioned how she and her husband would take their kids out on summer nights because they all enjoyed seeing the fireflies.  She was intrigued by the reports of the Smoky Mountains and was thinking of trying to organize a trip.  Probably not happening this year, but I never knew she was such a firefly fan.

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2 hours ago, Allen said:

You have to win tickets to the Elkmont display (the Great Smokies population) through a lottery. 
Congaree national park in South Carolina has a big population of synchronized lighting bugs too, and no ticket lottery.

We were discussing the new ticket / lottery systems for a number of the more popular national parks (or for popular attractions within a park) and that's when she mentioned the lottery for the fireflies.   She just retired a few months ago, so she's been spending a lot of time exploring places to travel.   I'll mention Congaree to her as well. :nodhead:  Thanks!

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