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MTB Ride: Otis AFB/Crane Mgmt Area - Bourne, MA - 9/14/13


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On Saturday we took a road trip out to Bourne, MA to ride the trails at Otis Air Force Base/Crane Wildlife Management Area.  The weather was perfect for riding and we got about 15 miles in on tight, twisty single track with quite a bit of elevation change.  Everyone with a computer had a malfunction at some point, so all stats are approximate.  On the way home we stopped off at the Seafood Shanty and had some delicious fried seafood.


I'm the rider in the flouro green jersey.



GPS track coming later...

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That looks like fun riding, but for me the investment in equipment would be tough as there aren't really any trails like that near me.  I'd need to travel to them and with work, the house (whining...) it would be too hard.

There are some trails in the Boston area.  Unfortunately, from what I hear, they are very busy and there's a lot of political crap going on. 


For sure, there's an investment involved.  Don't count on riding 2-3 times a week on a bike that's less than $500 for very long without a lot of parts replacement, wheels in partcular.  TBS, I bought my first MTB on CL for $650.  It was a very lightly used, $1100 original MSRP 26" hardtail.  It's been great to me, except for, of course, the wheels, which lasted about 6 months.  I now have a $500 set of wheels on it.

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GPS track from the ride.  As usual, the mileage is 10-15% lower than actual (due to GPS tendency to smooth out short radius turns) and the elevation data looks low as well (most elevation data is gathered by laser measurement from the air.  In some cases, that leads to the height of the canopy being shown as the elevation, which smooths out the ground features quite a bit).  My altimeter based cycle-computer, which was accidentally turned off for about 2 miles, is right around 1000 ft.



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Next time you head up that way, let me know. I'll meet you for a ride. Starting to hit the trails now that the road and tri season is coming to a close. I need to head down Big River to join you some night, Unfortunately I work at the shop now on Thursdays.


I want to get out to Swansea some time, and the shop guys have been hitting Freetown a lot. They've gotten to know the park better and know the better trails that are not impossible.


Next year, you should race Landmine up at Wompatuck. Some fun terrain up there. The first 11 miles of the loop are a lot of fun.

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Hey Torch, nice to see you here! :2:


I'm hoping we'll get out to Otis again soon.  When we do, I'll let you know.  Mostly we ride on Saturdays on the weekend, but sometimes we do Sunday for special circumstances.


We ride at Big River on Tuesday nights too.  Usually 6pm from the exit 7 park and ride.  That's just me and a few regulars so it's easier to shoot the ****, while the Thursday rides are the rinemba club rides.  Faster paced, near the upper end of my capabilities, so less time for chatting (though there's a relaxed ride if we wanted to take it easy).


We go to Swansea occasionally, but it's a little small, so you end riding the same trails a few times in a 15 mile-ish ride.  It does have a nice mixture of flowy single track and crazy tech feature's that is nice.


Haven't been to Freetown, but would love to, especially if with a guide who knows the trails.


I'm open to riding at Wompatuck, but racing is not my thing.  If you wanted to go for a training ride and ride that loop, I'd be happy to join you.


This Sunday is the fun ride at Arcadia, if you're interested.  Up to 22 miles of marked course riding.  Not sure if you've been there, but it's very similar to your local trails.  Hilly and lots of roots and rock gardens.  Tends to keep the mph down, but interesting and demanding.

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