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Are you the sweating type?

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4 minutes ago, Dirtyhip said:

My weekly commute is 50 miles.  I do it via bike.:cheerleader:

Mine is 50'???  Down a hallway, down some stairs, across the living room.  I DON'T sweat during that commute :)

2 minutes ago, Zephyr said:

I am a sweater..., like drip when working hard. 

I soak my riding clothes.  If I'm lucky, I don't have to stop at a light for long, because that is when I really start dripping.  At least while moving, sweat is pulled off by the wind, but at a standstill, it really gets wild.

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I sweet a LOT.  If it's hot and humid, I need to stop riding from time to time to take off my headband and ring the sweet out of the headband.   If I don't... sweet starts running down into my eyes. 

Soaked in sweet... is normal for a summer ride, or mowing the grass, etc... 

 I wear the headband when I mow the grass too.  WoBG gets to use the JD and ride.  I get to trim around everything for 2 hours with the mower.

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10 hours ago, petitepedal said:

I am dripping when I finish my trainer sessions..heck doing the same routine back in the day at planet fitness..I would have damp hair there as well.

When I use the PF trainers, I leave little puddles on the floor after a 30 minute workout. 

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Just yesterday 23 and Me sent me a list of my Neanderthal variants, including one that makes me sweat easily. 
I also have one that makes it easier for me to sprint than run distance, one that is associated with no fear of heights, one that leads me to not get angry when hungry, and one that a associated with a poor sense of direction. 

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58 minutes ago, groupw said:

Last night, we went for pizza after our ride. I saw a girl driving by with wet hair. Didn't even care if she was cute. Just jealous that she had just showered!

...and she was jealous you got PIZZA!!! :frantics:

Grass is always greener... :D

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