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3 hours with a medicare planner


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7 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

I haven't signed for anything yet.  That was three hours of having various costs examined vs payouts.

Don’t sign for anything that says advantage on it. Medicare supplement part G is what you want along with a part D drug plan of your choice.

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8 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

The advantage plans throw in $150 of eye care per year and then charge you out the wazoo with copays and deductibles.

Because my eye problems are currently my biggest cost an liability I'm looking at plans that are quite a bit different than that.  Womaxx, with the genetic predisposition to colon cancer is looking at something else entirely covering chemo and hospital stays.  The trick seems to be to customize the plan to what is most important to each circumstance.

Just look at the cost of a couple of small words "inpatient" vs "under observation" when staying in a hospital.

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Plan G has a small initial yearly deductible, plan F was discontinued about a year ago. It cost more but had zero deductibles. Plan g covers all hospital bills and doctor bills. Scans, xrays, mris all covered 100%.Medical eye care is covered (surgery, checkups, testing, the only thing they don’t cover is glasses or contacts. Don’t let them talk you into an advantage plan,all plans have to take you when you go off private insurance but after that all plans don’t have to take you if you have pre-existing conditions. Who at 67 years old doesn’t have pre-existing conditions.

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