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Mice in Bristol, PA


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My cousin Sally is terrified of mice that have invaded her house and had babies in Bristol, PA, north of Philadelphia.

She's afraid to fall asleep on the couch because "My mouth might fall open and a mouse might go inside."

I tried to convince her the mice are too afraid of her for that to happen and made sure not to tell her they could get her in bed, too, if they actually did that.

She mentioned her mouse problem to her neighbor who held up a plastic bag and said, "What do you think I've got in here?"

It was full of dead mice.  He said a lot of people for blocks around were having mouse problems.

There must be some construction, demolition, etc. activity nearby where there were a lot of mice because this is an unusual time of year for them to go into houses.

So, while we talked on the phone tonight I got her an early birthday present and ordered a set of 6 mouse traps for $9.99 at Amazon - plus they tacked on $0.60 Maryland State Tax even though it's being delivered to Pennsylvania on Friday! This kind worked fantastic for me in the past and the reviews on the web page loved them. These are so easy and safe to set: you squeeze from the opposite end to set it and you can even put bait in a little well and insert it through the bottom - perfect safety for my 81 year-old cousin.  I told her chunky peanut butter worked great for me.  You can reuse the traps.


image.png.7214e6c5690a450d717d70e6c1f82330.png image.png.0e517af024a9b935a5e3747580de09dd.png

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