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Are there still pawnshops around?


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5 minutes ago, Randomguy said:

Have you bought or sold anything at one?  Why not just sell your stuff online these days?  That would seem simpler, but I am probably missing the point of pawnshops.

Yeah, the gun dealer I referenced in the LNIB post is actually a pawn shop owner.  He does quiet well with guns, jewelry & collectibles.  


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We have plenty here.  This is where the criminals sell stolen goods. It is so bad that the cops tell you to check with the pawn shops to recover stolen items. :rolleyes:

They have been doing catch and release for a while now.  They do not incarcerate criminals.  Unless you are talking violent crime, drug offense with a large quantity or an actual B & E.  Petty theft does not seem to carry any sort of serious penalty for these idiots.

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