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Ok, smartypants...


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I phoned a friend, well not really a friend, but an acquaintance, well not really an acquaintance but more like some one I know.  Ok I didn’t know the guy.  It was a random telephone dial and he was expecting an offer for extended auto warranty.  His warranty just ran out and he is having some engine problems.  And he said a fan belt was slipping.

Wait, what was the question?

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Hang on there, this is a trick question. Here's my logic:

If you have 4 answers, you would think the chances of getting it right would be 25%, however there are 2 choices that say 25% so that means the answer would be 50%, right?


50% is also  a choice, so if 50% is the correct answer, then you only have a 25% chance of getting it right...except that would be wrong because 25% is 50% of the choices you have, which makes the correct answer 50%, which is 25% of the given answers, which makes the answer 25%...

I could go on with the circular argument all night, but in the words of the AI in the movie War Games, "The only winning move is not to play."


Oh, and the answer can't be 0% because that's also 25% of the choices given...

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