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arm in a sling


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if you separated your shoulder, that's all that anybody can do


the big thing is to get the weight of your arm off of your shoulder joint. Its the only joint in the body completely supported by muscle


you can go and throw money at some quack and have him take MRIs and everything else and then he's going to put you in a sling


so save the money and put on a sling and let it heal up.

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Every single motherfer wants to come to my desk and ask me one million questions about my injury. It's pissin me off. I hate the ... nagging and people saying I should be more careful. F you...ok

you gotta make up a cool cover story for how you got injured.

You know that nasty abdominal scar I have? I got that when an Iraqi impaled me with his bayonet.
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You really should have a cover story. Think up one that makes them uncomfortable for asking.


Ya, something like - "I was at the pump track the other day and I was trying to catch the 2 women that just busted my butt.  Next thing you know, my shoulder gives out.  It's tough getting old."


That should work!

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