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Today's trip


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didn't sleep well...a little wins and a lot of ants went a long way..woke about 3:30AM...fell asleep about 6:30 and woke again at 7:15 was on the road by 8:30..Across the mtn range...not bad except there was a place where one road was NY52 and one was county 52...I did a booboo and tok the county road thinking it was the "slight left" indicated on the route...turned around at about 7 miles or o when I figured my wrong move  :whistle:   Ithaca was busy...but I found the Moosewood and had a lovely lunch and bought a new cookbook.  Then per the lady there took off up 89 would have loved to have done some wine tasting but figured I better not given my lack of sleep and needing to find my way to a new house.  Turned off at Seneca Falls...to make a quick stop at the National Monument then back on the road..where the next delay/mistake came the Moosewood person said 89 would hookup with 90.....it didn't....and my smart phone gps was very little help...and IT WOULDN'T TALK TO ME...so once I got directions and was headed toward the Aireheads...it visually showed me where to go..but didn't talk...I am confused  :scratch head::dontknow:  So what else is new?  Did get to the Aireheads about 5:30..then off to dinner with FLJim & Carla, Tude & Couchie (no Inge :( ) the AIreheads and one of their airedale friends..from...of all places..Wisconsin!!  I told her she could stay til Friday and ride shotgun with me on the way home...but she is booked to fly out on Monday.


Now...it is bed time.

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