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How come my damn google gps on my LG2 phone doesn't talk to me


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Im still waiting for the gps voiced by Napoleon Dynamite, so when you miss a turn instead of saying "recalculating" it says "Idiot"

I tried to use Elvis as my Waze voice, but that idiot could not say street names.  He would just tell me to turn right or left.


I would go for a Napolean Dynamite voice!  That would be assume.  When you get to your destinatinon, he could tell you that he caught you a delicious bass!

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Does your vehicle have Bluetooth? (If not, it's time to start shopping for a new vehicle so that you'll have one by 2020).


If it does, do you have your phone synched up to it?


Is your radio set to receive Bluetooth?


I can't be listening to my usb drive or FM radio if I want to have my phone's GPS call out instructions.

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