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Microwave picked and solved tricky problem

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Before the fire, I had about 1 foot of space to the right of my oven - which was mostly wasted space and asked the contractor to move it to the far left of the wall in the pic below with 2" of wiggle-room to give me more counter space and a nice, big 33" sink (goes under the window).  I decided on an over-the-range microwave, which also serves as the oven hood, for the same reason:  They go in the upper and lower spaces on the far left in the pic below.  The dishwasher I didn't have before goes in the space to the right of the oven space.

Microwave doors almost always open right to left and I want that since moving things in-and-out will involve the sink, etc. to the microwave's right.  But almost all the decent microwaves have handles that stick out at least 1 3/4" from the door and, at 90° open, can extend 1/2" or so beyond the edge of the microwave body and there's a wall to the left of the microwave (that dark board between the wall and cabinets is just under 2 1/4" wide).  So I searched and searched and finally found the microwave in the next pic down.


The door to this microwave is opened by grabbing the indentation behind the door on its right - and the door reaches all the way to the end of the microwave so I checked and it's 16.5" deep and the cabinets are 13" deep, so there's plenty of room to grab the door.  The cabinet door to the right of the microwave does not open, at 90° open, past the end of the cabinet, so it's a tight fit but works and gives me desperately needed extra counter space.




Product Overview

This Samsung Over-the-Range Microwave makes preparing multiple dishes effortless with its large 2.1 cu. ft. capacity, accommodating even your biggest dishes. The Glass Control panel provides a seamless, integrated look, ensuring all design elements will match in your kitchen. Sensor Cook technology automatically adjusts your cooking time for optimal results. Additionally, the Ceramic Enamel Interior provides a durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean interior, making everyday maintenance simple.
  • Precise Glass Controls provide precise controls with a seamless, integrated design
  • Sensor cook automatically adjusts coking time for optimal results
  • Fingerprint-resistant Coating
  • 2.1 cu. ft. large capacity accommodates a variety of dishes so you can prepare large meals quickly
  • Ceramic Enamel Interior makes removing grease or oil effortless and protects against scratches from daily use. Durable, Scratch Resistant and easy to clean
  • LED cooktop lighting is more energy efficient and evenly distributes a soft, bright light across your cooktop
  • Simple clean filter is easily accessible and is simple to eject and has reminders when its time to clean
  • The recessed handle is seamless, integrated and a modern design to match any kitchen
  • High 400 CFM ventilation power to remove odors
  • Eco-Mode saves energy and reduces the carbon footprint by turning off the display when not in use
  • A variety of preset cooking options puts convenient meals with fresh ingredients at your fingertips
  • This powerful microwave has 1000-Watt of power and 10 different power levels to cook a variety of foods
  • Striking blue LED display adds clarity and style to your kitchen
  • 1 year warranty on parts and service. 10 years warranty on magnetron microwave technology
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5 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

Vent it outside, you'll thank me later.

Yes, it's being vented outside, but thanks for mentioning it because I just double checked to make sure:

From: Mickey
Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2021 11:03 AM
To: Kristi
Subject: Re: Over the Range Microwave


Kristi - the microwave's oven vent and the dryer are being vented outside, right?




R and J Contractor Services

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Who knew a microwave had a vent? :dontknow:

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4 minutes ago, Kirby said:

Who knew a microwave had a vent? :dontknow:

Not really for the microwave, but for the stovetop BELOW.  The microwave is really the "vent" for the stove below. But maybe they also have their own internal vent that also uses the larger one that is for the stove.

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17 minutes ago, 2Far said:


Optical illusion or is the sink not centered under the window??

Hummmmm, remember those 2 inches of wiggle room...

If I had a sink that was not centered my OCD would kick in EVERY time I walked in that room - for as long as I didn't take an axe to the sink.

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8 minutes ago, Kzoo said:

Hummmmm, remember those 2 inches of wiggle room...

If I had a sink that was not centered my OCD would kick in EVERY time I walked in that room - for as long as I didn't take an axe to the sink.

Yeah, Wo2 would NEVER allow that to happen. She'd be talking like Max Headroom.

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