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Yesterday's fun


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Did some work with my brother this weekend. Last weekend we had gone down to Tucson and picked cactus apples; about 200 pounds...




We needed to juice them (big job) so we decided rather than do it by hand, we would build a crusher.  This was the result:








After crushing, we ended up with 25 gallons of material to be filtered. I took about 5 gallons home (the rest is in his freezer) and filtered it in two stages.






After filtering it ended up being a little over 3 gallons. When we get it all done, about 10 gallons of the filtered juice will be going up to pHoEnIx to be made into wine. The rest will become jelly, syrup and margaritas!

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So are you sending any of this to pHoEnIx?

I'd bet he could ferment that stuff.

Yup, my brother and I are going to take about 10 gallons up to him. He's very excited! We will probably drive up on a Friday and back on Monday. Not sure when we will go. We are going to freeze what we are taking up to him so we can hold it until we get the time.

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