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Bar church?


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No, not 'bar' as in ban, but 'bar' as in where you go to drink.  So we're at our acoustic jam last night.  One of the regulars isn't there, at first. Great guy.  Baptist minister.  Well, he still is a minister but kind of like a 'lapsed' minister, as he doesn't really do it anymore.  He walks in with his wife after a while just to ask any of us if we would like to play in the 'bar church's' band.  I had heard of this 'bar church' before but never paid attention to it.  Apparently the guy who was 'ministering' it moved or died or something and now this minister is recruiting musicians to play at their 'service' on Sundays at one of the bars down front.


We don't have to be 'religious' or anything, just play songs to entertain whoever shows up.


I think I'm going to have to pass on this one.  :whistle: 

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