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I have a viking helmet


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I am going to fix it to the top of my bike helmet for the cross race.  HAHA!


People talk about the dressing up thing with cross.  I laying down the gauntlet.   :lol:

I used to do rides with DORBA, the Dallas Off Road Biking Association.  On Fridays we did a social ride on a MUP to White Rock Lake and then we would stop for a burger and a beer on the way back to the MUP head.


This group also did other rides, one of which was the annual Tour De Smut at Halloween.  It was led by a couple of Dallas cops, one of whom worked vice.  It featured stops a motel that was frequented by ladies of the night, a drive by a crack house and a stop at a bar that had a drag queen review.


One year I dressed up as a viking.  Fur leggings, fur tunic over my bike shorts.  Crossed belts made from seat belt strap and some old chain rings over my shoulders and a covered my helmet in fur and had big horns on it.


As we were riding by the crack house, it was fun to hear the customers calling out what they thought we were dressed as.  I was mistaken for a buffalo.   :angry:  :(


Crackheads are horrible halloween costume judges.

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