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I don't really care who is wearing the green jersey


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Greenville has no Tour coverage. 

I get all my updates from @Road Runner and he has been spotty and undependable this year.  :(

Most of those non-yellow jerseys are made up who cares categories so the French can have something to cheer about. 

"Look at little Tommy Voeckler with the heart of a lion going out with the breakaway pack. The paisley and croissant jersey could be his tonight." 

Stage Final Results


George Hincappie USA 178

Thomas Voeckler France 179


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29 minutes ago, Randomguy said:

I don't, can't really see the value in it.

I am open to having my mind changed, but it will be difficult.

Do you care about any jersey?  Really, if you don't care about green, why would you care about yellow, white, polka dot (technically red and white?), or any other one?

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13 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

Do you care about any jersey?

The paisley and croissant jersey has a special place in my heart.

The polka dot podium chicks were the cutest and had the nicest clothes, so I miss them the most.

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